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Carol Reardon


Carol started singing later in life when she joined a small local group called ‘The Heavenly Bodies’ in Melbourne.  Songs included original compositions by Director Tracey Miller, and also bluegrass and some gospel.  When the group finished up, Carol joined a new gospel group ‘It’s a Gospel Nation’, which later morphed into Melbourne Singers of Gospel, with sometimes up to 90 members.  In 2001, she joined a trip to the US with Tony Backhouse, visiting and singing in black congregations in New Orleans, Memphis and New York, including meeting the Rev Al Green at his church in Memphis.  Highlights from that time as Alto Section leader include music festivals at Apollo Bay, Queenscliff and Fed Square in Melbourne.  Shortly after this trip Carol joined a local blues band as back-up singer, and first experienced a Capella when joining ‘Soul Babes’, a four girl group which lasted a year or so.


Some 9 years ago she joined the Vocal Agents as Alto.  During this time she also sang with Melbourne Choir ‘Living out Loud’, led by Sue Johnson.  


Carol enjoys performing a Capella, and continues to play music with friends, and with her family.

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