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Colin E Davison

Tenor ~ Guitar

If there was ever a General of the Vocal Agents it would be Colin. 

This agent is interested in a vast variety of genres and styles and has had many years in combat with Why Not, MSG, Heart n Soul, Millenium Chorus, voQal, The Delicious Remnants, Velcro and the Love Handles. Agent Colin has also been on a tour of the Southern States where he learnt how to "work on a building". 

Agent Colin has had a Royal comission delve into the question of whether he is in fact a counter agent. The commission resolved he was a counter counter tenor, specialist at the martial art of Ta Ke Ti Na. 

Agent Colin's favourite disguise is as a Diva where he takes all the solo parts.  He has multi trained in djembe and guitar and Head-rush and has the favourite trick of disguising his skill by lugging around a $5 op shop keyboard which he barely knows how to turn on. Agent Colin has many guises - Call centre trainer, ballet student, trainee Ta Ke Ti Na guru and professional cyclist. 

How someone so prominent in a singing group can be so well disguised is a mystery to all agents.

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