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Hansie Stampanator


Agent Hansie was known to be of dubious origin - German passport and the African connection. Worse still he has bred another suspected agent but her cover may have been blown. 

He started strongly disguised as a chorister in a chapel choir (in the 70s) and then disappeared from the scene for some 30 years. He was arrested by the Boot Stompers of Tongue n Groove, a counter insurgency organisation Lisa Schwabe re-programmed him. A stint at Heart n Soul and then the attack on New Orleans in 2005 led by the spy master disguised as Brother Tony . Their favourite weapon was the song "The Storm is Passing Over", which just lulled everyone including George Bush into a false sense of security.

Then "Voqal" was a trickery of deception and mis-spelling. The group was hot but the market for agents was down and the "Global A Cappella Melt Down" took Voqal with it.

Revolutionary elements recruited him as one of the Spookiest of men. Self indulgent unsupportable grandeur from this unruly mob and a stint at Port Fairy and Woodford amongst a few nerve racking soirees into outer Victoria. 

Agent Hans infiltrated the revolutionary Cadre led by that famous communist Comrade Tabernet in the world famous Azadi performance. Agent Hans is known to be deep. A deep thinker. A deep singer. Deep pockets. In fact in India he is known as Hansdeep! 

Our intelligence doubts his intelligence but then again who needs intelligence when you're that deep?

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